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Manifesto: We believe in a better world through innovation, using tech as the primary tool. Together let’s create the next wave of brands who have the capabilities to do so much more than just satiate our world –it will nourish, protect, care, extend our lifecycles, and our quality of life, and be provided to us in new and improved ways.

At Rise, we invest our time and money in innovative solutions to ensure our future.

We have done a bit of everything over the years from contract catering to foodservice to consumer packaged products. We have worked in most industries from retail to grocery to travel. We bring 20+ years of industry experience and entrepreneurship to the table. Lots of success stories, and most importantly lots of challenges. This means we have the ability to get ‘er done no matter what the task.

Rise was created by Rache Brand as a collective of talent and now operates as a consulting and Angel network.


Each project is unique. If we partner on a project, we will conceptualize and execute to drive demand, bridging the gap between problem and solution.

We believe in the age-old statement, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” Let’s grow and scale your business together efficiently.

We have a vast network of talent, globally. There is nothing off the table in terms of support. We always start with an assessment and market fit and then focus on capital needs. Without enough capital, you cannot grow. This is essential.

We are:

  • Entrepreneurs with exhaustive creativity PLUS expert execution

  • Strategists / project managers / cheerleaders for brands we love

  • Leaders who get the most out of our teams

  • Goal oriented – we relentlessly execute

We push all boundaries to complete the task at hand.

Compensation: We take % equity and/or a retainer payment in USD$ or Crypto for our time and involvement on any project. We will define the scope and then determine the right compensation model for your stage.